• Nicola

From my sketchbook: Make Sail...

If you've ever been curious about the design process, I hope you'll find this new occasional series interesting. I'm starting with my newest pattern, Make Sail, but I hope to revisit a few older designs over the next few months...

make sail boat quilt cakestand

The first element I designed in this quilt was - of course - the little Dinghy. A new film version of Arthur Ransome's Swallows & Amazons was released last year and there were some lovely stills from the filming in the press. The graphic shape of the Dinghy sails immediately caught my eye. Clinker sailing dinghies - just like the real-life Swallow and Mavis which inspired the book - are still being built, so I was able to get the details and proportions just 'so'.

An earlier version of the design alternated the Dinghies with Birds-in-the-Air blocks, which also combine squares and half-square triangles. But the scale wasn't quite right, so the appropriately named Homeward-Bound block was substituted instead and adds lots of movement.