I always test every pattern myself and hope against hope that no errors creep in. But if they do, I will update this page - and the pattern - as soon as they're brought to my attention. If you have a PDF Pattern and would like an updated copy, please contact me here.




You will need the 4½” x 6½” print piece you cut in step 1 (not a 3½” x 6½” print piece as stated in the pattern).

Berries & Birds (Today's Quilter, issue 73)



Cutting background fabric: you will need to cut 28 1½" x WOF strips* (not 26) and subcut 21 1½" x 21" pieces (not 15*There is enough background fabric to cut these extra strips.




Cutting the cream blossom fabric: you will need to cut 3 2½" x WOF strips (not 2) and subcut 6 2½" x 21" pieces (not 3); you will then need to cut 5 1½" x WOF strips (not 3) and subcut 10 1½" x 21" pieces (not 6). Again, you will have enough fabric in your half yard to cut the extra strips.




Cutting the pink blossom Fat Quarter: you will need to cut 6 2½" x 21" pieces (not 3).


STEP 9a 


You will need to make 5 strip sets (not 3).


STEP 9b 


You will need to make 6 strip sets (not 3).

Tulips from Amsterdam (first edition)

Please note that this pattern has been withdrawn from sale (for fairly obvious reasons if you glance below) and I will be in touch with everyone who purchased the first printing/PDF to refund that purchase and forward a complimentary copy of the revised pattern. You can read more here


The quilt will finish at 66" x 86" and will require an 74" x 94" piece of batting and 5¼ yds of backing fabric.



Revised Cutting Table




...add a 9½” x 24½” background piece to the top... (not 9½” x 19½” as stated in the pattern)


STEP 48 assemble the lower floor, join a 3½” x 6½” house piece to the bottom of the window unit (not 4½” x 6½” as stated in the pattern)


...first make a strip set by joining a 1½” x 6” background piece to a 1½” x 6” house piece... (not 1½” x 5” as stated in the pattern). Alternatively, cut an additional 1½” square from the house and background fabrics to complete the gable.




Repeat step 52, steps 62 – 64 and step 55, before adding the 4½” x 10½” background piece to the top, pressing away from the canal house. MAKE 1



STEP 7 seen below (not overleaf as stated in the pattern) TIP: take care with your placement or the unit will be reversed. as shown above right


Meadow Cottage (Midsummer Block of the Month block pattern)

STEP 18     Make 10 strips, not 15 as listed in the pattern.

Wild Strawberry (Midsummer Block of the Month bonus pattern only)

STEP 3         


Mark a diagonal line on the back of the 2½” green square and place on the top left-hand corner of the 4½” red print square...

Manor Cross (Today's Quilter, issue 56)


From fabric C cut (4) 3” squares, (4) 2” x 3” pieces and (1) 1½” x 9” piece.


Nesting  (Today's Quilter, issue 48)

You will need a 1/4" bias tape maker.




Before making the wing unit trim the contrast print rectangle to 3½” x 5".

Posy Cushion

My thanks to the lovely ladies at my Bridgnorth Patch & Quilt workshop for spotting the errors in STEP 2.

Revised Cutting Table.


STEP 5 the lower corners of a 4½” x 8½” ( not 6½” as stated in the pattern) fussy-cut cream piece...


Dala Horse block 


Revised cutting diagram.



Dolls House Mini


STEPS 12-13

Turn your roof unit to the wrong side and trim, using the background square as a guile. See my tutorial here.



Day Out mini


Subcut into 16 11/2" x 41/2" pieces (not 11/2" x 31/2" as stated in the pattern).


The Spellbound Sampler: Finishing the Quilt


...cut 4 3" strips and subcut 44 3" squares for the Flying geese units (STEP 3).

First Editions of Individual Spellbound Sampler Block Patterns

I have emailed all of you who bought patterns directly from me with updated patterns. If you purchased from the Fat Quarter Shop please click here.

Mock Turtle


The cutting diagram shows 2 21/2" x 41/2" pieces, these should be 2 2" x 41/2" pieces.



Happy Wanderer


The Petit Four block used in the project is the Mock Turtle block.

To Skye




You will only need to cut 4 11/2" strips, rather than the 6 shown on the table, as you will not need to set aside 2 for strip sets.




The small template is sized incorrectly. You can download a new template here.



Mr McGregor's Garden




The small template is sized incorrectly. You can download a new template here.


Homely Joys


The template is printing too large in some versions. You can download a new template here.