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I always test every pattern myself and hope against hope that no errors creep in. But if they do, I will update this page - and the pattern - as soon as they're brought to my attention. If you have a PDF Pattern and would like an updated copy, please contact me here.

London Town

Cutty Sark, page 35, STEP 7: ...join a 1” x 5½” background piece to the right-hand side of the jib (1” x 7½” as stated).


Union Jack, page 55, STEP 6: ...join a quarter made in step 5 and a quarter made in step 6 with a 1½” x 2” contrast piece (not 1½” x 2½” as stated).

Tulips from Amsterdam (second edition)

STEP 42: ...add the 1½” x 17½” background piece to the right hand side of the windmill (not tulip as stated); the block should measure 15½” x 17½” (not 5½” x 17½” as stated).




STEP 8: should be made with a red strip, not green as stated.

Please note that the illustrations for STEPS 7 and 8 should be transposed.

The heading for assembling the red nine-patch block has wrongly been titled green (ah, the perils of cut and paste!)

You can download a revised pattern here.

Vintage Circus Sampler


Magician's Rabbit, page 10, STEP 6 ...pressing away from the hat... (not towards as stated). The diagram is correct.


Circus Wagon, page 22, STEP 3 ...joining the 1" x 6" blue print and background pieces... (not !2 as stated); page 23, STEP 6 ...add a 3" x 8½" background piece to each side, the cutting table (STEP 1) is correct.

Stately Giraffe, page 34, STEP 2 the unmarked piece is 1" x 1½"; page 36, STEP 8 prepare a pair of 2" x 5" background side pieces (not 1" x 3" as stated), the cutting table (STEP 1) is correct; page 37, STEP 9 ...join the 4½" x 5½" blue print piece... (not green as stated), the diagram is correct.

The Giraffe Template, T2, on page 57 is incorrect. Please download a new template here.

Noble Lion, page 40, MATERIALS LIST you will need a 4½" square of light grey (not 6½" square as stated); you will NOT need a 4½" x 5½" blue print piece (apologies, I'm not sure where on earth that came from!).

The Big Top, page 44, STEP 7 ...add a 2" x 6½" red print piece to the left-hand side... (not right-hand side as stated); STEP 8 the cut by ¾” from the bottom left-hand corner... & ...mark a placement line at the left-hand end... (not right-hand as stated). The diagrams are correct.


British Sew-a-row Finishing 


Please note the following correction to the English Country Garden Finishing Instruction: -


STEP 21 should read “To make the top sashing, join a 1½” x 4½” background piece…” (not 1½” x 2½” as stated)

STEP 22 should read “To make the bottom sashing, join a 1½” x 4½” background…” (not 1½” x 2½” as stated)

STEP 23 should read “To make the horizontal sashing, join a 1” x 4½” background piece…” (not 1” x 2½” as stated)

The cutting instructions – STEP 7 – are CORRECT.


My thanks to Denise for spotting the errors and apologies for any confusion,


Kitchen Garden

ASSEMBLING THE ROOT VEGETABLES ROW (page 13): The steps are incorrectly numbered and should read 16 and 17 (not 11 and 12), also you will be using a parsnip block, not a turnip!

STEP 13 Cabbages (page 15): On reflection, I should have made the 1¾” x 8½” grey brown strips 1¾” x 9" so you have more wriggle-room when you square up the block to 8½" in step 14.


ASSEMBLING THE CABBAGES ROW (page 16): Two of the cabbages in the row will be mirror images, which is not shown in the illustration.


STEP 16 Garden Tools (page 22): ...join a 1” x 1½” piece to the remaining 1½” x 4” sand piece... (not 1½” x 4½” as stated). The cutting directions (step 3) are correct.


ASSEMBLING THE GARDEN TOOLS ROW (page 24): The fork and spade are shown the wrong way around in the illustration.

GARDEN BORDERS MATERIALS (page 30): You will need 4 2" squares of the ginger print for the bee (not 1½” squares as stated).


STEP 18 Kitchen Garden Borders (page 33): The illustration is incorrect and should show a 'B' leaf unit (not 'A' as shown).

STEP 19 Kitchen Garden Borders (page 33): ...Snowball one end of a 2½" x 10½” print piece... (not 2½" x 12½” as stated). The Materials list is correct. 

Homeward Bound

The template on page 8 is incorrectly labelled as 'Down the Garden Path' due to a last minute change of name for this quilt. Apologies for any confusion caused.




Your eyes do not deceive you, there is no STEP 25


STEP 7: You will need the 4½” x 6½” print piece you cut in step 1 (not a 3½” x 6½” print piece as stated in the pattern).

Berries & Birds (Today's Quilter, issue 73)

STEP 1: Cutting background fabric: you will need to cut 28 1½" x WOF strips* (not 26) and subcut 21 1½" x 21" pieces (not 15*There is enough background fabric to cut these extra strips.


STEP 2: Cutting the cream blossom fabric: you will need to cut 3 2½" x WOF strips (not 2) and subcut 6 2½" x 21" pieces (not 3); you will then need to cut 5 1½" x WOF strips (not 3) and subcut 10 1½" x 21" pieces (not 6). Again, you will have enough fabric in your half yard to cut the extra strips.


STEP 6: Cutting the pink blossom Fat Quarter: you will need to cut 6 2½" x 21" pieces (not 3).


STEP 9a: You will need to make 5 strip sets (not 3).


STEP 9b: You will need to make 6 strip sets (not 3).

Tulips from Amsterdam (first edition)

Please note that this pattern has been withdrawn from sale (for fairly obvious reasons if you glance below) and I will be in touch with everyone who purchased the first printing/PDF to refund that purchase and forward a complimentary copy of the revised pattern. You can read more here


The quilt will finish at 66" x 86" and will require an 74" x 94" piece of batting and 5¼ yds of backing fabric.



Revised Cutting Table


STEP 28: ...add a 9½” x 24½” background piece to the top... (not 9½” x 19½” as stated in the pattern)


STEP 48: assemble the lower floor, join a 3½” x 6½” house piece to the bottom of the window unit (not 4½” x 6½” as stated in the pattern)

STEP 57: ...first make a strip set by joining a 1½” x 6” background piece to a 1½” x 6” house piece... (not 1½” x 5” as stated in the pattern). Alternatively, cut an additional 1½” square from the house and background fabrics to complete the gable.


STEP 68: Repeat step 52, steps 62 – 64 and step 55, before adding the 4½” x 10½” background piece to the top, pressing away from the canal house. MAKE 1



STEP 7: seen below (not overleaf as stated in the pattern) TIP: take care with your placement or the unit will be reversed. as shown above right


Meadow Cottage (Midsummer Block of the Month block pattern)

STEP 18: Make 10 strips, not 15 as listed in the pattern.

Wild Strawberry (Midsummer Block of the Month bonus pattern only)

STEP 3: Mark a diagonal line on the back of the 2½” green square and place on the top left-hand corner of the 4½” red print square...

Manor Cross (Today's Quilter, issue 56)

STEP 4: From fabric C cut (4) 3” squares, (4) 2” x 3” pieces and (1) 1½” x 9” piece.


Nesting  (Today's Quilter, issue 48)

You will need a 1/4" bias tape maker.


STEP 39: Before making the wing unit trim the contrast print rectangle to 3½” x 5".

Posy Cushion

My thanks to the lovely ladies at my Bridgnorth Patch & Quilt workshop for spotting the errors in STEP 2.

Revised Cutting Table


STEP 5: the lower corners of a 4½” x 8½” ( not 6½” as stated in the pattern) fussy-cut cream piece...


Dala Horse block 


Revised cutting diagram



Dolls House Mini


STEPS 12-13: Turn your roof unit to the wrong side and trim, using the background square as a guile. See my tutorial here.



Day Out mini

STEP 9: Subcut into 16 11/2" x 41/2" pieces (not 11/2" x 31/2" as stated in the pattern).


The Spellbound Sampler Pattern Book


PAGE 25 STEP 4; PAGE 29 STEP 4; PAGE 33 STEP 5; PAGE 37 STEP 4 & PAGE 41 STEP 4: Please refer to PAGE 7 for details of constructing the Dresden Fan units

The Spellbound Sampler: Finishing the Quilt

STEP 2: ...cut 4 3" strips and subcut 44 3" squares for the Flying geese units (STEP 3).

First Editions of Individual Spellbound Sampler Block Patterns

I have emailed all of you who bought patterns directly from me with updated patterns. If you purchased from the Fat Quarter Shop please click here.

Mock Turtle

STEP 2: The cutting diagram shows 2 21/2" x 41/2" pieces, these should be 2 2" x 41/2" pieces.



Happy Wanderer


The Petit Four block used in the project is the Mock Turtle block.

To Skye


STEP 1: You will only need to cut 4 11/2" strips, rather than the 6 shown on the table, as you will not need to set aside 2 for strip sets.


TEMPLATE: The small template is sized incorrectly. You can download a new template here.



Mr McGregor's Garden


TEMPLATE: The small template is sized incorrectly. You can download a new template here.


Homely Joys

TEMPLATE: The template is printing too large in some versions. You can download a new template here.


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