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Primrose Hill: month seven…

Shall we continue our leisurely amble along the charming shopping streets of Primrose Hill? This month we have a real treat in store: a trip to the delicatessen to pick up something delicious for lunch. I hinted last month that we'd be meeting the object of our Pigeon's affections, and here she is, perched on the post box, which is our second block this month.

Now I will admit that I procrastinated for an age whether I should make this block a deli or a bakery. My block was inspired by the famous Primrose Bakery on Gloucester Avenue, with its distinctive primrose yellow paintwork, but we will meet another 'sweet' block very soon, so I opted for an equally delicious delicatessen.

But while I was deciding I did end up buying this...

I’m not quite sure how that happened ;-)

photo credit: Today’s Quilter

You can find my block patterns in issue 87 of Today's Quilter and celebrate completing your block with a little something from the deli. Or the bakery... I'll leave that one with you,

Nicola xx


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