• Nicola

From my sketchbook: Hazel

I first had the idea for this quilt when I was making my Make Sail quilt, way back when...Laying out the homeward bound blocks it occurred to me that the arrow units could be arranged in lots of different ways. At first I thought of stars. I even wrote up the pattern. And then I realised someone had beaten me to it: the lovely Bonnie Olavsen - of Cottonway and Bonnie & Camille for Moda - with her Merry Christmas Darling pattern (which is wonderful, by the way).

So I set that idea aside for a while, until I made my Sprig quilt last spring and then I realised that removing one of the arrow units and adding a gently curving stem would give me a gorgeous leaf block. The block also put me in mind of Cobnuts...let me explain.

We have a little avenue of Cobnut trees i