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Rainy Day Runner workshop...

Never was a workshop so poorly named. It was a gloriously sunny day when I taught a group of lovely friends from my local quilting group, the Shropshire Quilters, how to make my Jolly Brollies quilt.

Our venue was the light and airy studio at the Castle Court quilt shop in Whittington and I took along a Lemon Drizzle cake - I do like a theme - to keep us all going.

I put together a special edition of the Jolly Brollies pattern: a Rainy Day Runner. Although some of the class are going on to make a quilt, many just wanted to try a new block and learn some new techniques. A runner is always a fun, achievable project for a workshop. One lady actually finished her piecing and everyone went home with finished blocks.

And, oh my word, it was fun. A whole day sewing with friends? Yes please.

Have you ever been to a workshop? It's always worth asking at your local fabric shop or getting in touch with a local quilting group to see what's on offer. And if there's nothing available locally, have you thought about joining an online workshop? I wrote a little about my own experiences here.

Or how about organising your own with friends? Pick a block you all want to try and make a few to assemble into a table runner. Just add laughter.

Oh, and don't forget the cake...

Nicola xx


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