• Nicola

Spellbound sew-along: week 8

Wise Owl

Is there anything quite as eerily atmospheric as the call of an owl? But the t’wit t’woo of the Tawny is, in fact, a duet between a pair and is often heard as winter approaches and they protect their fiefdom. You can find the block here.

The Owl is our penultimate block and will make use of all the techniques we've learned over the past seven weeks. Including the snowball technique that we used on our first block, the Gothic Gatehouse, which we'll be adapting to create the Owl's distinctive eyes.

EDIT: Although the sew-along has finished, you can still use the weekly posts as a guide and sew with a group of friends. You can find the Spellbound Sampler pattern book here and on Amazon, or the PDF Pattern Bundle here.