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Introducing Petit Fours...

There has been lots of thoughtful discussion on Instagram recently about making what YOU really love, combining projects and fabrics in your own unique way. Singing your own song. Following your own creative path. As a designer it has given me enormous joy to see my patterns come to life in another’s hands. Whether it’s the fabric that’s been used or its placement within a block, individual choices can completely change the look of a quilt, letting the maker's personality shine through.

cakestand quilts petit four project nicola dodd

My talented friends Jackie and Jayne have customised my To Skye pattern - to make Cornish & Honeybee versions respectively - and I’ve really loved watching them being made. So much, in fact, that they’ve inspired me to create a whole new series of patterns and I hope you’re going to love them as much as I do.

They’re called Petit Fours. Bite-sized chunks of quilty loveliness which combine 14” blocks with smaller projects or sampler quilts - you choose the combination and the fabric - to make something totally unique. There won’t be another project quite like it in the world. Excited?

As I’ve mentioned, I already have a couple of patterns that will work in this new format - namely To Skye and Make Sail - as well as my Honeybee and Honeybee Hive blocks.

cakestand quilts petit four project nicola dodd

My brand new Spellbound Sampler blocks have been designed to be Petit Four friendly and I’ll be sharing a free setting for the Spellbound Sampler on my blog next week. I'm looking forward to seeing what combinations YOU come up with... so please share your projects with me on Instagram by tagging them #petitfourproject

spellbound sampler cakestand quilts petit four project nicola dodd

Oh, and look out for new projects: I’m feeling so inspired...

EDIT: Here's a little update of new block series...

Available collected as a Pattern Book or as individual PDF Patterns

Available as collected as individual PDF Patterns

Nicola xx

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