• Nicola

Exhibiting at the Festival of Quilts...

I promised you a detailed post on preparing for and exhibiting at the Festival of Quilts and here it is. I'll apologise in advance if it's not the most riveting read and contains an impossible number of bullet points, but there will be pictures. Essentially, it's the post I wanted to read - and couldn't find - when I was preparing my stand.

cakestand quilts exhibiting at the festival of quilts

Now I'm not saying there isn't information out there: Folksy has some great blog posts on craft fairs, which cover what to expect and what to bring. But I couldn't find anything much on one essential: how to actually display my quilts. And what would the stands be made of?


A lovely chap called Jazz at Upper Street Events was the unlucky recipient of all my questions and, to his credit, quickly and patiently responded to every single one. So, if you're wondering, the stands are pretty sturdy and constructed from plywood-faced timber panels, which are covered in an open-weave grey fabric. Most exhibitors sew velcro to the back of their quilts so they can simply be pressed onto the panels. But as a lot of my quilts live at home - on beds, on the back of chairs and pinned to the picture rails (that last one's just between us...) - I didn't really want to sew velcro on them all. And then I spotted some curtain rails with tiny crocodile clips at Ikea, which I could use to temporarily hang my Quilts on. Once I'd got the OK from Jazz to screw them to the panels, I felt slightly more relaxed about setting up the stand. Just to be on the safe side, I had a trial run at home: an alcove in our hall was just the right size...