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Traveller's Joy Paper Pattern

Traveller's Joy Paper Pattern


Inspired by the popular ‘Trip Around the World’ quilt, this scaled down motif is more of a weekend mini-break, but no less lovely for all that…



54” x 66” Baby Quilt

Part of 1 Charm Pack or 40 5” squares
1¼ yds feature fabric (grey)
2 yds neutral fabric
3½ yds fabric for backing
62” x 74” Cotton Batting
½ yd fabric for binding

78” x 78” Large Quilt

Part of 2 Charm Packs (preferably non-matching)
or 77 5” squares
2¼ yds feature fabric (grey)
3 yds neutral fabric
4¾ yds backing*
84” x 86” Cotton Batting*
¾ yd fabric for binding

*To save on fabric I have reduced the perimeter allowance slightly. If you are sending your quilt to a longarm-quilter, please check first!

{Cover quilt made in Handmade by Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics, with Moda Weave in Gray}

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