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Spellbinding Small Projects

The nights are drawing in and Halloween and Bonfire Night are on the (darkening) horizon. As we stock up the larder with comforting things for the months ahead and search out favourite books to read by the fire, we can also celebrate this magical time of year with small sewing projects that fit in perfectly with a busy schedule of trick-or-treating and firework parties.

You could make a book bag for your favourite collection of fairy tales, a comfy cushion for that reading chair or the perfect drawstring pouch to stash away those Halloween treats. And to adorn your projects, the nine Spellbound quilt blocks, designed to evoke a magical twilight in an autumnal garden.

For those of you who prefer a paper pattern (putting up my hand and waving it around) then I have put together some special edition paper pattern bundles: the Gothic Garden collection, which includes the Gothic Gatehouse, Moon & Star, Pumpkin and Toadstool blocks, and the Winged Things collection of the Wise Owl, Raven, Moonlit Bat and Merveille du Jour. You can also find both bundles as PDFs here.

This year I'm hoping to give my kitchen a seasonal makeover with the Gothic Garden bundle and my precious Tilda Windy Day scraps to rustle up some Piece of Cake Placemats - using this tutorial - to cheer up breakfast on the darker mornings ahead. And no, I won't be using the Cobweb block: nothing can persuade me to eat breakfast in the company of a spider. Here's what I'm planning...

Although I'm often working on larger projects (I'm finishing something new for TQ as I write) I have plans next year to add a few more Petit FOUR projects to the shop. Friends at my local guild often mention how they like to work on smaller projects as well as larger quilts. How about you? What can I tempt you with? I'd love to know: you can comment below or email me, I love a chat :-)

Nicola xx


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Rosemary B
Rosemary B
Sep 26, 2023

Oooooh, I love these

I adore the fabrics you used too.

These are very very tempting to try

Sep 27, 2023
Replying to

Thank you, Rosemary, it’s always fun to freshen up designs with new fabrics and play with ‘traditional’ Halloween colour palettes. So much fabric, so little time… xx

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