• Nicola


Do you listen to anything when you're sewing? Music, audio books, radio? I'm a devoted BBC Radio 4 listener and have it on in the background most of the day. But if it's airing something that *gasp* I don't want to listen to, then I often turn to podcasts and I've been slowly building a library of favourites.

I don't mind admitting that I've been avoiding daytime news programmes during the Covid-19 pandemic. There's so much about the world that seems so out of my control that I've tried to concentrate on the small things i can control. Quilting projects have been more important than ever and these are a few of the podcasts that have kept me company over the past couple of months.

Quilting Podcasts

It goes without saying that I love to listen to quilters talk about our shared obsession. First on my list is The Great British Quilter podcast which is hosted by my frien