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New Tricks…

Last autumn I started exploring computer programmes that could mock-up my quilt sketches in different fabric collections. Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't as much fun as actually making the quilt, but sometimes it's helpful to show my lovely customers a design in different fabric collections or colourways, especially if they're investing in a kit.

There are quilt-design programmes, like EQ-8, which are specifically designed to do this, but you know me, I‘m an old-fashioned girl and I wanted to learn how to combine my hand drawn sketches with the digital fabric swatches provided by fabric manufacturers.

I use an online photo editing and design service called PicMonkey to create pattern covers, packaging and website graphics and scan my drawings into my desktop computer with a very simple programme called Paint, which allows me to 'spring clean' the images and add colour. Combining these two programmes - which I'm already familiar with... big plus! - has allowed me to add fabric swatches to my images.

It's been a joy to collaborate with two lovely fabric shop owners, Leisa at Morris Textiles in Texas and Richla at GotKwilts in Washington, who are making up kits for some of my designs in scrumptious Liberty and Tilda respectively.

And while I've had a lovely time supporting my quilt shop customers, I've also recoloured the odd thing just for fun ;-)

Sailing By Sampler in Tilda Cotton Beach for my own amusement

I'm mocking up something for Andrea at Willow Cottage Quilt Co. at the moment, which I think you're going to love. Now over to you, what shall I mock up next? And does it help you to envisage a project before you begin, or do you like your project to evolve as you go? Enquiring minds want to know!

Nicola xx


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Oohhh, I love your Tilda mock-ups -- Sailing By is so pretty in Cotton Beach!! I prefer mocking-up a quilt before starting in most cases, especially when the fabric is out of print and greatly treasured :-) One of these days I hope to get EQ-8, but for now it's colored pencils and graph paper. I can't wait to see what you're working on with Andrea! Have a lovely weekend!!


I’m a big fan of coloured pencils too (just the look of them in the tin!!) and I hadn’t thought of using mock ups to save wasting really precious fabric. I have a Layer Cake of Bonnie & Camille’s April Showers which I can’t bring myself to cut into. I may have to frame it! xx

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