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Introducing the CakeSlice Template...

My first proper blog post - back in 2015 - was a tutorial for the Triangle-in-a-Square block. That block has become a firm favourite of mine because it adds so many possibilities and fun elements to my quilts: old-fashioned gables, bird beaks, dinghy sails, radishes (!) to name but a few...

Over the past five years I updated that original tutorial every time I found a new, achievable technique to share with you and now I have one more edit to make, because I have a brand new template of my own: the CakeSlice.

The CakeSlice can create triangle-in-square units from 2" to 6" and so much more. And every template comes with a handy instruction card...

page one

page two

Our wonderful Jardin de Lavande block of the month group were given a preview template to sew with this spring. I was thrilled with how easy they found them to use and I'm excited to be able to offer CakeSlice templates in the shop. They have been beautifully made in the UK and cost just £15.

I want to emphasise that all my patterns come with a full sized paper template for you to use with a lightbox or copy onto card or template plastic. BUT if you'd like a ready-made template to make your quilt with, these are the patterns you can use it with: -

Doll's House mini, Hearth & Home, Homely Joys, Homeward Bound, Make Sail, Mr McGregor's Garden, Nesting and To Skye! Plus the Kitchen Garden, Midsummer Sampler, Sailing By and Spellbound Sampler pattern books. Oh, and the brand new Jardin de Lavande pattern book, which will be out in July...and, of course, I have more in the pipeline!

My goal this summer is to use my CakeSlice to make a quilt using the classic 54-40 or Fight quilt block. I've no idea how it got such a complicated name, but let me show you a sketch...

Still none the wiser about the name, but isn't it gorgeous! It may evolve into something else, or be combined with another block, I'm just going to see where summer takes me...

Nicola xx


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