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Block of the Month update...

As I prepare to send out the month six parcels to my festive choir of participants, I thought it was about time I shared a few key notes from our programme...

We have been sewing our blocks with the wonderful Windy Days by Tilda Fabrics, sharing piecing tips in the Facebook group and meeting the characters from the song - all feathered thus far - on the Twelve Days of Christmas blog.

Oh, and lets not forget the treats, because that's the best part and totally in keeping with our theme this year. Our participants have received an exclusive Pear motif Christmas Stocking pattern, an enamel pin featuring our fancy French Hen and the first in a series of Twelve Days of Christmas decorations, specially printed for our programme. Andrea and I have been sitting on that little secret for the best part of a year and are thrilled to be sending them out in our lovely parcels at last.

For those of you who weren't able to join us this year, the Twelve Days of Christmas Pattern book will be published this August, when I'll be taking some limited edition kits with me to the Festival of Quilts. And that's also when Andrea and I will also be opening reservations for next year's programme: a celebration of one of the world's greatest cities. Can you guess where?

Nicola xx


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