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Block of the Month progress report...

This week I sent out the February Midsummer Sampler block of the month parcels. We are now over halfway through our programme, so I thought a little update was in order. Thus far we have concocted a Victoria sponge for our beautiful Cakestand, learned about the surprising history of the Dovecote, wassailed in the new year at Orchard Cottage, taken a trip into the past in a Shepherd's Hut and treated ourselves to a delicious Bowl of Strawberries...

...there are still a few stops left on our meandering journey to Midsummer's Day when I'll be sharing my completed quilt with you. And that's when I will also be revealing our next block of the month programme: take down your valise, we're heading across the channel to the Lavender fields of Provence...

Nicola xx


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