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Bag a baguette!

Along with the new Jardin de Lavande pattern book, I’ve released two more patterns that accompanied the 2021 block of the month programme as bonus projects: the L’Oranger Petit FOUR block and the Sac à Baguette bag.

There’s a discounted PDF pattern bundle for both, but as it uses just one block, the Sac à Baguette bag would work with any of my Petit FOUR blocks. So if you’re heading to the beach, a Seagull block might ward off the competition, or if woodland picnics are more your thing, a Toadstool block would be perfect.

And a L’Oranger block would look wonderful adorning a Storybook Bag for autumn garden tours.

As always, I can’t wait to see how you combine these blocks and projects with your favourite fabric!

Nicola xx


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