• Nicola

Adventures in Self Publishing: part 1

A few years ago I sat down and started sketching blocks for an autumn-themed quilt. My eldest son was about to head off to university and, in the few weeks between his brother starting the new school year and him leaving, we sat side by side in the study, him preparing for his exciting new adventure and me sketching away, treasuring his company as the month of September rolled by.

As you can imagine, with so much time lavished on it, it was a complex quilt: each block was different and I built a little story around each one. It became the Spellbound Sampler.

I started writing the pattern and was looking forward to making it. And then I had a thought: could it be the seed of a book? I sketched out projects that would use individual blocks from the quilt, pored over publishers’ websites to find out how to put a book proposal together and worked on sample chapters. It was an exciting time.