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Moda Bakeshop Summer Camp...

This is the second year that the Moda Bakeshop have hosted their wonderful Quilter's Summer Camp and this year we're at the beach. Since June the Bakeshop Chefs have been sharing their beautiful blocks along with their favourite seaside memories. Today is my turn and where else would I whisk you off to but Cornwall?

Photos from our trip to St. Ives earlier this month...

My block is based on that perennial British favourite: the Beach Hut. The place where we wriggle into sandy swimsuits, hide from the seagulls to eat our fish & chips and make a nice cup of tea.

The Bakeshop sew-along is wonderfully relaxed - because you might actually be at the beach - and will help you to create a quilt that is totally personal to you and YOUR seaside memories. Given all the possible combinations of blocks, settings and fabrics I doubt there'll be two the same. All of the blocks finish at 12" square and there are designs to suit all abilities of quilter, as well as settings that use just some of the blocks or all of them. New blocks will be published every few days until the end of August. And as everyone is sharing their progress and favourite tips on Instagram, this is the perfect opportunity to try a new technique or two. Click on the #mbsattheseashore hashtag for oodles of inspiration.

If you have a block left over from your project you can use the tutorial I shared last Christmas to make a summer-ready Tote bag, packed with sun screen, a good book and space-saving hamman towels (these are my favourites at the moment).

See you at the beach,

Nicola xx


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