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The Kitchen Garden: choosing fabric...

I briefly mentioned a few of the key fabrics I used in my Kitchen Garden quilt in my last post and a few of you have enquired about the specific fabrics used in each block, so I thought it would be worth listing them for you.


I started with two Fat Eighth bundles of Tilda Bird Pond, one cool and one warm, but I'll be upfront and tell you that I only used half the prints in each bundle, so you might actually find it better value to buy Fat Quarters and mix in fabrics you already have. The prints I used in individual rows are as follows:-

Cauliflowers: Anemone honey, Klara green and Mila lavender

Root Vegetables: Lovebirds ginger, Marnie lilac and Medium Dots maroon I also used an old Tilda star print in this row because I miss-cut my Anemone honey *insert sad face*

Cabbages: Medium Dots green, Mila sage green, Marnie lilac, Medium Dots lilac and Mila lilac

Seed Packets: Elodie honey, Klara lilac, Anemone sand (again, a stand in for honey) plus two Liberty print scraps, Danjo red/pink and Betsy raspberry, with Marnie honey for the long tom pot

Garden Tools: Marnie honey, Lovebirds green and Marnie raspberry for the Robin

The Greenhouse: Marnie honey, Mila sage, Tiny Plum teal and Lovebirds green for the apple trees

The Kitchen Garden Borders: Elodie green, Elodie honey, Klara green, Klara lilac, Medium Dots green, Lovebirds raspberry, Marnie raspberry, Medium Dots maroon, Medium Dots lilac, Mila lilac and Lovebirds ginger plus any scraps of green prints I had left for some of the leaves

You will use the greater part of a few of the Fat Eights, so you you might find the following cutting guide helpful...


Light green: Moda Bella Solid breeze (132)

Off-white: Moda Bella Solid off-white (200)

Sand: I used an older Tilda Fabric, Mini Spot light grey, but the new Tilda Basics Solid in sand would be perfect too

Other Fabrics

Dark Purple: Moda Bella Solid aubergine (139)

Grey-brown Print: Moda Nest Birdy Hop pebble - I also used the wide version of this print for my backing - but Moda Bella Solid etchings slate (170) is a good substitute

Dark Green: Moda Bella Solid evergreen (234)

Mid Green: Moda Bella Solid fresh grass (228)

Binding: Tilda Cottage Garden Sigrid red but I would have loved to have used Bird Pond Marnie raspberry

For those of you struggling to find some of the Bird Pond fabrics, there's a new collection coming out in April called Lazy Days which has some lovely purple , coral and aqua prints. You can also mix in fabrics from past Tilda ranges, although it's worth bearing in mind that the ranges prior to Bumblebee are printed on a slightly darker basecloth, so the colours aren't as bright.

While I was making my quilt a really lovely new Moda collection caught my eye - also coming out in April - called Lollipop Garden by Vanessa Goertzen, which would also work well. Vanessa always chooses the most beautiful soft greens for her collections and the purples and apricots in Lollipop Garden are delicious.

And, finally, if you're still a few prints short, Makower has a basics range called Bijoux that has a rainbow of small scale tone-on-tone prints that might fill some gaps for you.

Hope that helps,

Nicola xx


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