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Spellbound Sew-along: week 9


The Garden Spider builds her delicate web - often over twelve inches in diameter - every single day and although we may be squeamish about it’s builder, no one can deny the beauty of her work. You can find the block here.

EDIT: Although the sew-along has finished, you can still use the weekly posts as a guide and sew with a group of friends. You can find the Spellbound Sampler pattern book here and on Amazon, or the PDF Pattern Bundle here.


Follow steps 1-3 in your pattern


Follow steps 4-11 in your pattern...

You've already had lots of practice making dresden fans, but this week we are going to combine four fans to make a full circle, or as it's better known, a dresden plate. We are also going to be finishing the centre slightly differently, with a traditional circle.

When you make the circle, take your time making sure that the foil and fabric are folded evenly over the card, so that the edge is as smooth as possible before it's pressed.

If this method of creating the circles doesn’t appeal to you, there are other options: you can use running stitch around the perimeter of your circle to gather it over the card template, or cut your circle to size and use your favourite fusible appliqué technique.


Follow steps 12-13 in your pattern...

...Or not... I just couldn't bring myself to cover up the beautiful centre of my dresden, so I opted to place the spider at the centre, rather than positioning it on the larger white circle (as I did on my last quilt).

And we've completed our nine blocks

Next week is the final week of our sew-along - boo hoo - and as I've already shared a tutorial for assembling the quilt, I'll be featuring the wonderful blocks that sew-along participants have been posting on Instagram. And if you're not on Instagram and would like to share your blocks, please contact me with your photos so I can share them here.

Nicola xx


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