• Nicola

Spellbound Sew-along: preparing your fabric

EDIT: Although the sew-along has finished, you can still use the weekly posts as a guide and sew with a group of friends. You can find the Spellbound Sampler pattern book here and on Amazon, or the PDF Pattern Bundle here.

It's just over a week until we start making our Spellbound Sampler, so I've started to sort through my Layer Cake to assign prints and colours to each block, using the notes I first shared here as my guide:-

I first divided my... Layer Cake into brights, lights & darks. From my brights pile I chose three shades... for my Pumpkin and Toadstools and a warm yellow for my Gothic Gatehouse windows before selecting five prints for the dresden fans. From my lights I set aside one light grey print for the Gatehouse walls and two greys for the Wise Owl before choosing seven prints for the Dresden fans. Finally from the darks, individual off-black prints were chosen for the Raven, the Bat and the Gatehouse roof. That still left twenty Layers to cut the smaller pieces from, so I had plenty of fabric...