• Nicola

Simple Hand Quilting Ideas...

A warm welcome if you've joined me from the marvellous Moda Bakeshop. Here, as promised, are my favourite tips for those of you considering hand quilting your Woodruff Quilt. Or any quilt, for that matter.

moda bakeshop woodruff quilt hand quilting

I love hand-quilting and find it very relaxing. I particularly enjoy the transformation of three separate layers of fabric - feeling their weight draped over my palm - to one continuous piece of quilted fabric, which somehow takes on a life of its own, feeling lighter in my hands as I work.

You may already be familiar with stitch-in-the ditch quilting. This follows the seam lines in a pieced quilt-top, either by hand - with a straight-forward running stitch - or by machine. It's a simple, utilitarian way of joining the quilt-top to the batting and backing. If you want to enhance the texture of your quilt with additional lines of stitching, here are five simple ideas:-