• Nicola

Honeybee Hive Block...

This week I'm sharing a tutorial to make our Honeybees a hive to call home (and if you're wondering what on earth I'm talking about, take a look at my last post). *EDIT: Scroll down to see how my lovely friend Jayne's has customised her Honeybee Hive with a hexie...*

You will need:-

4 2½" x 8½" pieces and a 1½" x 10" piece of white/low-volume

2 3" x 5" pieces, 6 2" x 3" pieces, and a 1½" x 10" piece of background

One 2" square of grey

The template, a 2" scrap of card and a slightly larger piece of kitchen foil

{optional: 2 3½" x 10½"* pieces and 2 2½" x 14½" pieces of background}