• Nicola

Honeybee Block...

One of my dearest friends approached me a few weeks ago to ask whether I could help her customise one of my patterns. Her work colleague was injured in the Manchester Arena bombing and she wanted to raise funds for him by making a special quilt to raffle.

The block she wanted to include was a Bee. The industrious Worker Bee has been a symbol of the city of Manchester since the C19th and, since the terrorist attack, has been adopted as an emblem of unity, strength and positivity.

In that spirit, we both felt it was worth sharing.

You will need:-

1 5" square, 2½" square* and 1 2" square of grey

1 5" square and 1 2" square of yellow

2 4½" squares of white

1 2½" x 4½" piece and 7 2½" squares of background (aqua)

Grey embroidery thread for the antennae

{optional: 2 3½" x 8½" pieces and 2 3½" x 14½" pieces of background}