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Playing with Buttons...

My Granny had a box of buttons that I used to absolutely LOVE playing with. For hours. This was back in the olden days, of course, pre all-day-telly, downloadable films and You Tube. Recently I've had slightly less fun playing with buttons on the website (I may have watched a bit of You Tube to get me through it) so that I can bring you...*ta da*...a PDF Pattern page.

Clicking on each photo will take you directly to the PayHip product page for the PDF Pattern. Unfortunately, PDF Patterns still have to be checked out separately to comply with EU digital download regulations *Bah, Humbug*.

The main benefit of linking directly to product pages is that you can go straight to the latest Pattern release. PayHip offers a wonderful service, but the layout of my 'shop window' is fixed and shows the oldest products first. Not ideal for me when I want to showcase my newest designs, or for you, when you have to scroll through everything to get to them.

After all that exertion I feel a New Year PDF Pattern Sale coming on: from the 1st - 14th January I will be offering 30% off all PDF Patterns with the code HAPPYNEWYEAR

Wishing you a wonderful, hug-filled Christmas and a creative New Year,

Nicola xx


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