• Nicola

Hang by the chimney with care...

Christmas Stocking tutorial

You may remember me piecing some little Christmas trees last year, for my festive version of Homely Joys. My test block has spent the last twelve months sitting on top of my works-in-progress trolley (which is *ahem* rather overloaded) whispering "go on...make me into something..." and I've finally taken the hint. The vertical design of the block is perfect for the side of a Christmas Stocking and - more importantly - a stocking is an achievable project in the manic run-up to Christmas.

You will need...

1 Christmas Tree block (the tutorial is here)

½ yard fabric for the outer (the background fabric in your block)

½ yard lining fabric

2 8½" x 18½" pieces of fusible batting

4½" piece of ribbon (for the hanger)

Stocking 'foot' template, which you can download