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Warm Heart Tutorial...

You will have four darling little quarter square triangle blocks left over from making your Star at Sea blocks and we really can't let them go to waste can we?


Here's the first of two bonus projects that will put them to good use: tiny heat pads that are just the right size to pop into your pockets or mittens and keep your hands toasty on wintery walks...

To make a 3" heat pad you will need...

1 3½" block

2 3½" x 2" pieces of backing fabric 

A handful - about 30 g - of dried wheat grains

Please read through the pattern before you begin. Fabric is always placed right-sides-together and joined with a ¼” seam allowance unless otherwise noted.

Warm Heart handwarmer 2.jpg
Warm Heart handwarmer.jpg

To make each heat pad...

1.    Mark a 1" opening on the long side of a backing piece (a).

2.    Partially join the two backing pieces together, adding a few back stiches each side of the opening and pressing the seam open. 

3.    Place the backing and quilt block right sides together and sew around the perimeter (b). Clip the corners then turn right sides out. 

4.    Press lightly and fill with the wheat grains - I made a simple funnel with a cone of paper (c) - before slip stitching the opening closed (d).

5.    Warm through in the microwave for just 20 seconds - always keeping an eye on them - before popping in your pockets and heading out for a bracing walk.

Nicola xx

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