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Finishing Tips...

One glance at the finished quilt will tell you that the blocks are not going to be assembled in conventional rows or columns. They are big blocks, though, so they do go together relatively quickly. 

My first decision was the distribution of my flag blocks. Once I was happy that I'd spaced the colours evenly I took a quick snap on my phone to remind me (a). Then it was on to the first of the partial seams that allow our blocks to have such an unusual layout. To remind me when I'm sewing - because it's easy to get carried away! - I mark the portion of the seam I want to leave unsewn with a water-soluble marker (b and c).


a)                                                                                        b)                                                                                         c)

I found it important to lay the whole quilt flat so that I could fold the partially sewn seams out of the way before adding the next section (d). And then I pin, pin, pinned! (e). Take time to press after each seam, too, I think it makes all the difference (f).


c)                                                                                        d)                                                                                         e)

I've kept the border deliberately simple, firstly to contain the busy-ness of those whirling blocks and, secondly, to show off the lovely Eleanora print, which is my favourite in the Hometown collection.


To keep your borders nice and square, before adding the side borders, measure each side of the quilt along with the centre measurement, add them together and divide by three to give the average measurement. Cut the side borders to match. Repeat the process across the width of the quilt top when adding the top and bottom borders. Again, pin really well, especially the inner borders, to ease out any lumps and bumps.

Quilt assembly can feel a bit unwieldy at times, so the biggest tip I can give you is to take your time - I wish I could send you each a jar of the stuff - and take a break if you feel the tiniest tingle of frustration. You are so close to finish line, take a breath. Or a cup of tea, you'd be terribly on-theme,

Nicola xx

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