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On the tenth day of Christmas my true love sent to me, ten Lords a-leaping

The partying continues in our sewing rooms in this, the penultimate month of our programme, as you create ten lords to gallivant around your quilt borders. 

The majority of Lords in merry olde England derived their wealth from vast agricultural estates. As winter weather slowed the pace of farming life, their hardworking tenants were granted time off over Christmas - the whole twelve days in fact - although there was no such luck for the servants, who would be busier than ever preparing for the many parties he gave to impress his friends and neighbours. But even they were given the day after Christmas off, indeed their Lords would gift them all a 'box' of money and food, which is why we call it... Boxing Day.


All very expensive, no wonder they were hopping mad.

As we're making ten leaping Lords, you will have the opportunity to chain piece your blocks (although please make a test run with some scrap fabric first). The red tunics are made in the same way as the Milkmaids' harness, so take another look at my month seven tutorial. The trousers are made in a similar way to last month's dress skirts, apart - of course - from those trouser legs: I thought a separate photo tutorial would be helpful. Check your seam allowance, have a practise, take your time and save the dancing until you've finished  ;-)

This month's technique...

This month I'm sharing another step-by-step photo tutorial to help you tailor the perfect pair of trousers for a leaping lord. There are lots and lots of photos, so CLICK HERE to access it.


Please note that there is a drafting error in the Large TS Template at the back of your book. It won't affect it's usefulness, but it won't quite reach the top of the trouser unit.

PLEASE NOTE: Andrea and I sent out the background fabric for the Lords a-leaping in your Month 5 (Goose) parcels. This month we have also included the red binding fabric, so set that aside for now.

Twelve Days of Christmas: month 9

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