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On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me, two Turtle Doves


This month I have two blocks for you to make: the Turtle Doves and the first of our five Gold Rings. Plus a special treat: a tutorial for a Christmas stocking, adorned with the Pear motif from last month's block. It would make a lovely gift for a last-minute guest, filled with a few essentials for their stay - toiletries, bedtime snacks, a good book, the obligatory satsuma - and left hanging at the end of their bed. 

Our Gold Ring is a traditional Wedding Ring block, although it has many other names including - rather charmingly - the Nest & Fledglings, which chimes well with the birds in our quilt. This block is actually the reason that Andrea and I chose the beautiful Tilda Windy Days for our quilt, as we fell in love with the soft golds in the collection and knew they'd be perfect for the Gold Rings. Please note that the background fabric for all five Gold Rings is in this month's parcel, so please keep it safe for later months.

The Turtle Doves are an original block but borrow the half square triangles from the Gold Ring for their fluttering wings. Of course, being Tilda Doves, their plumage is rather spectacular.


If last month's Partridge was alarmed to find himself perched in the branches of a Pear tree, our dainty Turtle Doves will be most put out to find themselves in the frosty Northern hemisphere, as they prefer to spend the winter warming their feathers in Africa. And as I write this on a cold, foggy morning, I think they have the right idea... 


Turtle Doves are named for their gentle 'tur-tur' song - absolutely nothing to do with Turtles - and I hope you'll be singing too, this December, and enjoying the merriest of Christmases with your loved ones. I'm sending you my warmest wishes for a happy, healthy and restful New Year.

Nicola xx

This month's bonus project...

Well, it's nearly Christmas after all: my gift to you is a Christmas Stocking tutorial using the Pear motif we made last month...

Christmas Stocking photo 2.png

Find the tutorial for the pear block and the Christmas stocking here...

PLEASE NOTE: There is a small edit to step 1 of the Turtle Doves pattern on page 17 of your book: you will set aside the rest of the teal fabric for the (non-dancing) Mikmaid on page 39 and you may find it helpful to look at the cutting diagram for the Milkmaid's skirt before cutting the pieces for your Turtle Dove.  My apologies for the confusion friends xx

Twelve Days of Christmas: month 2

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