Midsummer Sampler: month 7

Welcome to month seven of the Jardin de Lavande, Monogramme.




We are making a gentle start to our Block of the Month programme with the Parterre Sud block - and I'm quite sure yours will be a work of art too! - which features Maple Farm's Gwendolyn and Cherrybush prints. The latter has the feel of orange tree leaves to me and I particularly want you to hang on to your scraps of that one, we'll need them in a later block...


But the main item in this month's parcel is the Jardin de Lavande Pattern Book. Andrea and I are excited to share a full colour pattern book with you this year and hope it will whet your appetite for the month's ahead.  

This month's techniques...

Strip-piecing is a wonderful way of creating lots of tiny little squares without actually cutting & joining them individually. Not only does it save time but the results are neater and more even. Win, win!








Put a couple pins in your strip sets before you join them: it will stop them shifting as you sew, which can lead to a bowed seam (and we don't want that)

And take your time to keep your seam nice and straight when you press it. Pressing towards the darker fabric lets those seams nest beautifully when you make the four patches.

British designs by Nicola Dodd

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